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evolution of Barbarossa

the evolution of Barbarossa

Barbarossa Restaurant first opened the doors in 2001 when proprietors Enzo and Elizabeth Longo turned their passion for high-quality food, wine and dining experiences into their own reality: a fine dining restaurant in the Southside of Glasgow.

With an extensive wine selection and contemporary Italian-Scottish kitchen, Barbarossa had an exciting menu that saw people travel from all over Scotland to enjoy a meal and soak up the atmosphere.

Throughout the years, with changing trends, the kitchen evolved as did what Enzo and Elizabeth wanted from their business.

2007 saw an extension to the original Barbarossa, with a classic Italian wine bar opening in another part of the building as well as a more casual dining area, offering an Italian grill and spuntini kitchen.  Making great use of each floor, the team now have a variety of intimate yet relaxed areas for you to enjoy a drink, a coffee or a meal with family and friends

Owner Enzo, who is from the South of Italy made a decision to follow his dream to serve traditional pizza in the Southside of Glasgow. He installed a pizza oven in the kitchen and brought a pizza chef over from his village in Italy to create an authentic, Italian experience in a little corner of Cathcart.

As the hospitality industry evolves, so does Barbarossa, consistently taking pride in the service, food and layout, Enzo and Elizabeth continue to bring quality to the Southside of Glasgow.

Thank you from all at Barbarossa